Classic Vintage Drum set
Ludwig 3 ply Classic set in Blue Pearl
Very very clean finish in exceptionally well preserved condition!
Sizes are 9"x13" 16"x16" and 14"x22"
Aside from some light paint wear on the bass hoops the set looks to have seen very little
playing time and still retains its high glossy finish on the laminate, seam's are all flat and there
are  no cracks or rub on the finish not even on the rear of the rack tom, amazing really!

These are Ludwig Classics and are 3 ply shells with rings and clear maple interiors
The shells are also date stamped and this set was born on sep 15 1969

The bass drum is a 10 lug drum and being 1969 features the full ratchet rail assembly as
opposed to the early indexing type. The newer design allows for much more reliable & secure positioning.
The Bass also features the new arc spurs as well as bass drum cymbal mount complete
with the factory L arm, this piece also has great chrome and very little sign of use even
on the upright portion which is usally chewed up, this one is not
The Toms both feature Classic mounts for tom mounting and ft legs. This 1969 set
also features the new Round knob mufflers.

These drums were built to Ludwigs highest standard and feature all the new
and top components of the day!

The serial numbers are incredibly close and as follows 13" 711405 16" 714401 22" 711764

The set Features fresh Remo Fiberskins on all batters and clear ambassador
resonant heads on the 13" and 16"
The Bass has a Ludwig Logo remo white coated resonant head