Here is something you won't see everyday!
1963 Slingerland 3 piece drum set
Very rare Gold Veiled Ebony Pearl finish
the drum set is 100% factory original including all original heads
Chrome plating is in excellent condition just take a look at the close
up photos of the lugs and rods to see how well preserved this set is!
This set has been sitting protectivly housed in a collection and unused
 for the past 4 decades!
Finish is original and in very good condition with a few small
eyebrowing spots around some lugs.

Seams are all tight and flat with no lifting
The sizes are 8" x 12" 14" x 14" and 14" x 20"
Hoops are COB Stick savers on the toms with original maple hoops
with matching inlay on the bass drum.
The bass also has a leather pad in the pedal position and
also on the top of the hoop for marr free cowbell mounting.
Walberg & Auge rail assembly with extended rail arm is also in Great shape
 and works smooth and secure.
Push button floor tom leg mounts work great as well.
Classic 3 ply shells with rings have great original bearing edges.
Mufflers present on both the 12" and 14" tom
A great collectible vintage 60's set in a Rare Finish that was only used
for a short number of years