1960's Ludwig Downbeat Drum Set
Classic 3 Ply  drum set
 Factory Original Burgundy Sparkle!

A very desireable size configuration in a great collectors color!
There simply are not that many sets in this finish in circulation so if you have been looking to
add a burgundy sparkle set to your collection read on....
Drum sizes are

8" x 12" serial number 263210
14" x 14" serial number 274468
14" x 20" serial number 281265
Factory White Interiors and Original Bearing edges
Finish is in great shape with no scuffing or rub marks
All Original tension rods, hoop claws, lugs, triple flanged hoops, Rail assembly, tom/ ft mounts,
 mufflers, cymbal L arm and even ultra pointy, un worn bass drum spurs!
The Bass drum logo head is factory original as well
Bass drum hoops are original as well and have had some paint touch ups
The drums sound great tuned high or tuned down low and serve well in a wide array or musical settings.
Sorry it was overcast as I took these pictures but the close up pictures best represent the finish color and condition.
Heads include an original 1960's Ludwig logo head and a Remo PS Bass batter on the 20" bass drum.
Both the 12" and 14" toms feature Evans G1 coated clear combo and sound great!