Late 1950's 3 ply Gretsch Drum Set
 Gold Sparkle Factory 4 piece
Stunning to look at, amazing to hear and incredible to play!

100% Original 1950's Gretsch  Drum Set
Once in a great while a set such as this will emerge from
decades of proper storage.
This set is amazingly well preserved as if time stood still!
Clearly this set has never really been used.
 This is from the GRETSCH GOLDEN AGE
BROOKLYN made drums with 3 ply shells and a
Rare and desirable Gold Sparkle finish

100% original Gretsch hardware* all in exceptional condition even the rail mount and original Glossy Black Lacquer on the bass drum hoops!
Take a good look at the close up pictures including the well
plated tension rod threads!

The set is finish in original finish and as you can clearly see it is in phenomenal condition with a highly glossy surface and no marrs or lifting.

Here are the set specifications
3 ply maple shells with clear interiors on all drums

9" x 13" 12 Broadkaster lugs, Chrome over Brass hoops,
Twin tom mufflers, Tom Mounting Plate
Original Tension rods and 50's era Flat washers
Floor Tom 16" x 16"
16 Broadkaster lugs, Chrome over Brass hoops, Twin tom mufflers,
Gladstone leg mounts & Original floor tom legs in excellent condition
Original Tension rods and washers
Bass Drum  14" x 22" 16" Broadkaster lugs, Original T rods and washers,
Original Bass Drum Claws, Original wood bass hoops with excellent
condition original lacquer finish and matching inlay, Twin Cymbal Mounts
complete with two *non original Cymbal L arms.
 Rail tom mount is complete with original short arm 
and is solid and stable in playing position

Snare Drum  The Set Also includes its original
6 1/2" x 14" 3 ply Microsensitive snare drum
This is complete with first generation die cast hoops
 Broadkaster snare lugs
 Original Tension Rods and washers
 Single Point Fast Tension Butt End and
excellent condition Microsensitive throw off
Original Wires as well as calf skin mounting straps.

 A great sounding instrument and incredible collectible