Ludwig Classic's
Gorgeous Factory Blue Sparkle Finish

Unique size configuration
 8" x 12" 16" x 16" and 14" x 20"
This set can cover it all from Rock to Bop!
Floor tom has a date stamp of may 12 1965
Features include Original rods, mounts, finish and hoops
The tom mount and cymbal mount each have new tension nuts.
Bass drum hoops have original inlay and have also had some paint touch up.
Edges and shells are all in great shape and the drums tune easily

Rail Mount works excellent
FT legs are also original as are the fold out bass spurs and mounts
The set has new heads all around except for the bass reso head
A new unported remo coated will be included!

here are the critical bits
Wing screws on the ft mounts are original but missing some chrome.
The finish is in very good condition with the only noticeable flaw or defect
 being 1 rub spot on the rear of the 12" tom as seen in the 3rd tom picture
The white interior on the 12" has also been touched up due to flaking
The set is presented in uncleaned condition and will look brilliant with a little cleaning.

Modern cymbal L arm is also included