Welcome to a rather exciting offering
1 Fine Museum Grade Radio King Snare drum

Make note: This drum is not a restoration but an original article
The WMP finish is white and original
The Chrome fittings are not re-plated they are factory plated and original

While Radio Kings are not particularly RARE Drums the immaculate condition negates
the use of any other word as A Radio King in this condition is a Rare Drum Indeed
After handling hundreds of these Radio King snare drums I have seen none finer!

This is a perfect 1 ply Maple shell with solid 1 ply rings  and the size is 6 1/2"x14"
The drum features the Famous Slingerland Cloud Badge
The heavy double flanged Engraved Slingerland Radio King hoops show very little to no wear

All tension rods and washers are also Original

3 point throw has spectacular plating and works great! This piece has the only chrome loss on
the entire drum with a small chrome flake on the top of the adjusting knob as
detailed in the picture 4 close-up

Fully functional adjustable bridge system at the butt end and throw off and just look at the splendid condition of the plating on the bridge assemblies, amazing really.

Also the 2 Pad, red felt muffler works smooth and the knob is brilliant with great Chrome
Edges and shell are in Great Original Condition
The Calf skin batter has a repaired tear but as it is the factory head I felt it should remain
with the drum. Modern remo heads fit the drum well.

The Original issue snare wires are even present on this stunning instrument.
These wires are a rare find in themselves. Less knowledgeable collectors often assume these
were blem mounting straps as they are far to short for such use and most examples I run across
have been bent outward and do not serve their function properly. I would also summarize that
the spring release aspect of the wires was most likely part of the ideological design in conjunction
with the thumbscrew adjusting bridges which were also short lived and only produced for a short time
before being cut as a cost cutting measure.
I will display how these work in pictures 7, 8 & 9
The underside or head side of the wires have each been equipped with two small metal Tabs,
very similar to the later era tabs which mounted the wires.. When under tension these flatten
out and become passive while the wires are in contact with the head. When tension is released
from the throw rather than the wires falling down, the 2 tabs rapidly and instantly eject the
wires from the snare beds and bottom head. This design is also a great aid in bottom head
tuning  as the wires are lifted off the head in the thrown off position. Seemingly redundant today
but bottom head tuning was a much more practiced and needed service in the days of calfskin
heads as on this wonderful drum.
THE White MArine Pearl Finish  IS GORGEOUS! JUST LOOK AT IT..
Flat seam, Vivid Pattern NO Issues... Only the slightest of fade..

As a true Crafter and Builder myself these type of drums are some very inspiring productions.
Look at the varied components and level of engineering and design all worked into products
produced only for and by Slingerland and these glorious drums. The double flanged stick chopper
hoops, the 2 screw cast snare gates, Brass thumbscrew bridge system 3 point throw, Streamline Lugs
rods, shells etc  all of it made to meet the demands of the maker.  Slingerland's full effort was
applied  to produce the best they possibly could and given the incredible quality and intense
collector and player appeal it all proved to be a most successful venture for Slingerland that
is now a vital piece of drum history