1960's era Gretsch 12 14 18" Round Badge DRUM SET
in Original Factory Natural Maple finish


You can rest assured if I was not a lefty this would be my " Keeper "
Here is your once in a lifetime chance

This set is 100% complete and all original except for the resonant tom heads which are new Remo's
Both bass heads are original  and feature the factory issue logo head

The set features A few rare  features aside form the sizes and finish
This era Gretsch drums usually have the Silver Interior finish but a few endorsee's who were carried over from the 50's era
sometimes requested their new drums be unfinished inside as well thus giving a clear view of The Jasper Maple interiors.
Therefore this set was probably an endorsement set or a custom order from someone special

The set is in great condition for a 40 year old set with very clean chrome and a rather well preserved finish
There are some small spots of wear and aging splits but not there is none of the typical crazing or flaking these finishes are often suspect to.
There is only a light degree of finish splitting / checking and the worst wear is some tom rub on the rear of the 12" tom.
All edges are in excellent Factory condition
Walberg & Auge Rail is in great shape with great chrome
Bass drum cymbal L arm is also included as well as Factory issued floor tom legs and bass drum spurs
Both toms feature dual pad tone controls
Bass includes Pratt Bass Drum Muffler with original felt
All rods T's claws and die cast hoops are correct
Chrome Cowbell , wood block and mount are also included

Very Clean and secure Rail assembly

Front bass hoop still has a very high gloss and no exceesive claw chew etc

Batter side hoop has a minute amount of pedal cleat wear