This is a  late 1920's era Slingerland drum
Size is 5"x14" with Rare Gold plating
1 ply drum shell
The shell is mahogany with maple rings
The finish is Sea Green Pearl  
The drum is 100% original except for 
some rods heads and wires
A beautiful piece of drum history!
What is a Tone Flange ?

In the Late 20's Slingerland incorporated their Banjo 
making skills into their drum designs. 
This model drum features a spun aluminum flange 
which rides on a brass ring atop brass set screws 
located where the traditional top bearing edge was
 This drum is complete with 
each and every one of these original components !
This was a very unique feature for Slingerland as no
other competitor offered such a product  with the 
exception of one really rare Nokes model snare which 
utilized a similar interior baffle but was clearly produced
a decade before this time, and without the brass ring and 
alignment screws.

The design was heralded by Slingerland as  producing a 
drier and somewhat more articulate voice in certain playing
instances where rapid and instant response was critical.

Here are some more pics
The finish is indeed original and quite a difficult color to add to your collection
The finish after 80 years has aged and there is shrinkage splits / crazing
It is only prevalent on 3 panels near the badge and throw
These can be seen best when viewed from a few angles so here are a few pictures

The seam  has shrunk and come apart

The Matching Gold Plated Professional or " 3 point " throw off shown above
operates smooth and secure
All Hoop Clips are original and without fractures or breaks

The Only real structural " Damage" to this antique is two bent tube
lugs and a small fracture on the hoop as seen below split
The left tube lug bend did cause a split in the finish