Superb Sonor Specimen

This is a 100% Factory Sonor New Orleans set
Probably a once in a life time chance to get your hands on such a complete Original set of classic drums
These feature a shell design similar to most US makers of the time but are crafted with
Beech Shells, which proved to be Sonor's Winner as a shell material
for nearly 3 decades

These are Very nice thin shells and have inner rings  and the combination creates a balance between
the attack with the resonant note of the drum hey this is Sonor correct...
The drums are punchy with a good attack presence but a very warm woody tone
One Kick of the Bass and you start Feeling like Kenny Clarke and the big smile on your
bass players face will go flat!

This  " New Orleans " set consists of the following Components


D471 Snare drum
5"x14"  with internal tone control (Z 5100)

T690 Tom drum
Tom Tom 8"x 13" dia. with internal shell mount for tom tom
holder (Z 5501 a)

G290 Bass Drum ( 8 lug )
14"x 20" dia. Includes:
inlaid hoops
Z 5053 2 retractable spurs 
Z 5104 1 internal adjustable tone control 
Z 5214 1 retractable cymbal holder 
1 Internal shell mount for tom holder Z 5501 

Hardware set includes

z5501 Bass drum to Tom arm / Tom Tom Holder Ratchet Link, fully adjustable, omni-directional
Z 5214 Bass drum cymbal holder with mount and rubber sonor seat
z 5451 Adjustable Hi hat stand  with round Ball rubber feet cymbal seat  and hi hat Clutch
z5552 Snare drum stand Ball rubber feet and Ball rubber basket guards
z5318 Bass drum Pedal

The Sonor
" Multi Brilliant " 
 Sparkling Black-Silver Striped
The color of the set is best represented in the picture to the right
This sets coloration is even with only 
light and even fade
The combination of Dark Black Lines 
Over the Silver Glittercovering really 
creates a stunning visual effect

Cymbals include:

Massively Hammered cast KRUT " Special"  Made in England Cymbals
14" hi hats and 16" crash cymbal
These are quality made cymbals with a nice dark tone good attack and medium decay
with moderate brilliance
The hats are much nicer than the 16" and are actually very very nice indeed


This set is 100% original including all Heads, rods washers hoops etc.

Shells and edges are like new

The Chrome is unlike any of this era and is in excellent condition on all fittings, hoops,
lugs T's Claws and rods ( see picture 12 for a gleaming example )
2 bottom claws do have some chrome wear and there is a small bit of chrome flaking on the cymbal arm.

Bass hoops are solid with great original finish and complete inlays

Snare drum is equipped with Factory logo wires and as is always the case missing the
outer cover for the throw off as seen in picture 5, Both the butt end and throw work perfect

Finish is also in Great shape with only a little shrinking on the bass near the bottom lugs near the
seam and a small chip next to the seam lift on the bass drum bottom as seen in picture 11

Throughout the series of pics you can get a good idea of the low miles and lack of use of this set of drums
If you ever wanted to try a set of these Classic Sonor drums now is a great chance to get into a great playing collectible.




Under side

Vintage Sonor Chrome Rarely Looks this good!

Sonic Review from the throne.