Classic 1949 Slingerland Radio King Set
Rare Blue pearl finish kit

The drums clearly appear to have seen very little use
The set consists of 100% original Slingerland issue parts
including basically unplayed calfskin heads, the only exception is the
wing screw on the Cymbal L arm clamp

All hoops are in great shape
The Floor tom and rack tom being engraved Sling RK hoops on top and bottom
Both toms feature the Dodd mufflers
Edges are in untouched factory condition!

The pearl finish and nickel plating are in Great shape
These are classic 3 ply shells with a beautiful Mahogany ply build
Sizes are 9 x 13 16 x 16 and 14 x 26

High quality collectors grade sets such as this sell well in excess of $3000 in the collectors
market but thereare a few tiny flaws that help bring this set to market for far less
than one would expect to pay for a super clean, rare finish, Radio King set
The only flaws with this set are as follows.
A light fixture was attached to the interior of the bass drum via the inner ring,
there are no holes in the shell as it was mounted to the interior maple ring.
In doing so  there was a split caused in the ring  The 3  1/8 inch holes
have been plugged and the split associated with the holes has been glued
The only other issue is a small split in the finish on the FT near a leg mount which caused
a little stress on the shell interior. It did not penetrate the shell and causes
no ill effect but should ne noted in the respect of full disclosure

The set sounds fabulous, very warm and power full with
a sound only these RK sets can generate

Also included is the fully operational Bass spurs, floor tom legs with mounts
Tom mounting arm as well as a bass drum cymbal L mount with arm are also here