ROGERS HOLIDAY 12" 14" 20"
In Original issue Silver Glass Glitter
Outstanding Condition
This drum set is excellent!
 1960's Rogers Holiday 3 piece drum set
Classic Cleveland era Production
Highly desirable sizes
8"x12" Tom drum
14"x14" Floor tom
14"x20" Bass drum
Excellent condition!
You would need a time machine to find a cleaner more original set
100% Factory issued  with the only excption being
 Remo heads on the bottom of the 12" and 14" 

12 14 20 Rogers Cleveland era set with Swivomatic Hardware

Swivomatic Tom arm and mounts all in perfect form and in exceptional condition

ALL Collets and Knobby mounts are orinal Machine types with 
no wobble or looseness and all
have great chrome plating

Very Clean Complete Swivomatic cymbal arm with tilter


Early Cleveland era Silver Glass Glitter
Serial Numbers are 12 37042 14 6413 20 36844
The FT has good rubber feet and the spurs still have the extra sharp tip!
Seams are all flat and edges and shells are excellent
The color is very bright with only the lightest hint of fade which
can be noticied only slightly on top of the bass if you look real close