Here we have an amazing collectible and incredible sounding drum set
Rogers Fullerton era Powertone 3 Piece

 1 owner set used for less than 2 years then stored away!!!

Rare size configuration
10" x 14" tom 18" x 18" floor tom and 14" x 24" bass drum
These drums sound incredible!
Bearing edges shells and rings are in excellent condition

Bass drum hoops are in great shape with glossy original lacquer and full original inlays
Chrome is all very nice with only some light pitting
Swivo legs and arm have great chrome and excellent threads
Original Swivomatic spurs are also included
The Finish is factory original Black Diamond Pearl and is in marvelous
condition with a rich gloss and no fade. There is no tom rub lifted seams or any
other finish damage.
The Bass drum features a cymbal Mount but no L arm is included
The drums tune up wonderfully and sound rich and lively with the current
 Remo coated emperor head selection. The Bass drum features a new PS3 Fiberskin and
 original yet ported Rogers logo bass head