Red Pearl Round Badge Era Gretsch Drum Set
Rare is an understatement!
Rare Gretsch finishes include Peacock Sparkle, Copper Nitron, Caddy Green
 Moonglow Satin, Olive Satin
Perhaps  the only finish rarer to find on Round Badge sets is the elusive Green Pearl.

Most examples of Gretsch drum bearing the Red or Green Pearls are early era stop sign
 badge sets, making round badge sets very rare indeed.

 In this past year the public market has seen many Caddy Green, Peacock Sparkle and
even a few Copper Mist beauties but there are far fewer of the Red and Green Pearl sets
making the opporitunity to add one of these beautiful sets to your collection just
as rare as the drums themselves.

I sold my own Red Pearl Round Badge set a few years ago and was hoping to
replace my current SSB era set with this set but other personal purchases
demand its liquidation. Here are the details

4416 9"x13" Tom
  4943 Diamond Plate mount
2  5540 Twin Head tone controls
Die Cast hoops
  5473 Gretsch Lugs
Edges Shell and finish are in great shape
Original tension Rods

 4418 16"x16"  Floor tom
  4820 Diamond Plate Floor tom leg mounts
  4930 Floor tom legs with original rubber feet
2  5540 Twin Head tone controls
Die Cast hoops
  5474 Gretsch Lugs
Edges Shell and finish are in great shape
Original Tension Rods

   14"x20" Bass drum
  4805 1st generation wide Bass drum Cymbal L arm
  4820 Diamond Plate Floor tom cymbal L arm mount
  5474 Gretsch Lugs
  5462 Wood Hoop Claws
  5454 Bass drum T rods
  4942 Bass drum Rail tom holder
  5621 Bass drum hoop with matching inlay and original Gloss Lacquer finish in great condition
Make note of the close up of the minimal pedal wear on the rear hoop
  5430 Pratt bass drum Muffler
  4960 Bass drum spurs with new rubber feet
Bass drum  Head with Gretsch logo
Edges Shell and finish are in great shape
All bearing edges are factory and the drums tune up and sound as red hot as they look!
 The bass and 13 each have small shrinkage fractures eminating from the badge
tacks but they are small, you can hardly even see the 1 on the 13" it is so small
as for the bass drum see the detailed bass close up pictures
Chrome plating throughout the set is in nice condition
The finish is rich red and very glossy and in very nice cosmetic condition no major rash dings or dents

This drum set is 100% factory components except for new Remo heads