Highly Sought After & Desired Collectible

1960's Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl Snare drum!

Serialized at 149479 this drum was made in the spring of 1965
 It sure does not look it!
Black Oyster was in and here is one fine example!

 The drum is the 4" x14" Downbeat model and this combined
with its finish, color and condition makes this drum
a very uncommon find

The drum is in phenominal condition with only some light scratches on the original hoops, All tension rods washers and inserts are also original.
The drum also includes the original white felt muffler
The throw off works smooth and secure as does the butt end.
There is some light plate loss around some of the string holes in the drop plate
The "DownBeat" Model lugs look great with only a few sporadic pitsIn all the drum is 100% original except for new heads and wires.

Th color is Vibrant and the finish is very glossy and reflective showing very little elemental exposure