Stunning Museum Quality
Ludwig Classic Drum Set

Exceptional in every regard!

This set is in marvelous un modified condition!
100% Factory issue except new remo Resonant heads on the 13 and 16

The original Black Diamond Pearl Finish is EXCELLENT, unfaded & very Glossy

Chrome is all Gorgeous as well

Edges and shells are also excellent

This is a Classic series set and features 3 ply shells
with inner rings and clear maple interiors

Full hardware outfit includes
All  Bass drum T's and claws
Tension rods
All  tom Hoops
Dual Factory  mufflers on tom and Floor tom
 Classic Legs for FT
Arc Bass drum Spurs
FT legs and Bass spurs have original rubber feet in Great shapefrontal.html
 Bass drum rail
Though not present when it cam in the set now has a Ludwig topped Bass drum Cymbal L arm
Bass drum even has its original Ludwig Issue Muffling felt strips
Bass hoops have3 glossy original Lacquer
The Bass drum features the full ratchet rail assembly as opposed to the early indexing type. The newer design allows for much more reliable & secure positioning.
These drums were built to Ludwigs highest standards at the companies best production time
and feature all the new and top components of the day!

The serial numbers are incredibly close and as follows 13" 711405 16" 714401 22" 711764

Sizes are 9"x13" 16"x16" and 14"x22"



This set not only looks great but delivers all the classic Ludwig Tone you would
expect from such a fine set of drums
All finish seams Flat
There are no scuffs  rubs or splits in the finish