Gretsch Anniversary Sparkle Diamond Anniversary Model Snare

This is a fantastic piece of Gretsch history for anyone who ...well anyone!

 Built in Brooklyn New York in the Great Jazz and Bop era which solidified " That Great Gretsch Sound "
This Piece has retained all its glory and is remarkably well preserved and in excellent condition!

Remember these drums were built for one year only  and given the era production was limited resulting in very few being made and even the finish type was discontinued from Gretsch offerings
With few known models to exist this is by far one of the Rarer Gretsch drums and is easily one of the finest examples I know of. This drum is 100% factory components except for new Remo heads and replaced calfskin snare straps. The condition of this drum is incredible.Very very Low miles on this drum as it looks to have seen very little play time. There are no scuffs or scratches on the finish.
I am the second owner of this fine drum and the original owner had held onto it since purchased during The Gretsch Diamond Jubilee era at the 75th anniversary of being in business. Unlike the Guitars which remained in production and were even tagged with the anniversary badge the drums were only made for 1 year making them great collectible musical instruments and an asset to you and your collection.
Remo Heads seat well

Here are the drum specifications
5 1/2"x14" Exclusive Gretsch Shell
 Die cast hoops in round and in exc cond!
Anniversary Sparkle Finish

# 5414 12 Strand Grestch responso Wires
# 5380 Micro Sensitive Snare Strainer
# 5381 Fast Tension Snare Bracket
# 5540 Tone Control Dual Pad
# 5450 Tension rods with washers
 All Components are in top functioning condition