Here is one Very Hard to Find and Highly collectible Gretsch snare
Classic 3 Ply Gretsch shell with clear interior
Dressed in Factory Green sparkle finish with only mild even fade
Drum is 100% original except for new heads.
That's every & rod even the wires!

This shell is in superb condition and if you take a look at the last pic you
can see even all the ply  seams are perfect!
Likewise in regards to the finish condition which is marvelous , free of scuffs and scratches Plus a  a flat seam!
Chrome is Great  except for some wear on the hoops and a small flake on the
throw off arm. If you were to outfit this drum with some sharper hoops
you would have a true museum piece of vintage drum history!
The Micro sensitive  and  single point adjustable butt end function perfectly as does of course the single pad muffler. The only Flaw when this came in was the factory issued calf skin strips used for mounting the snare wires had decayed. They have been replaced with calfskin to help maintain the most posterity!
I had purchased in hopes it would match my green sparkle kit but when mixed
with my set really makes my 3pc look yellow so..
Here it is ....