1965 Ludwig Classic Drum set

Classic series 3 ply shells with factory white interiors date stamped March 18th 1965
Sizes are 9"x 13" 16"x16" and 14" x 20"
This set features many of the transitional period hardware set ups
Factory installed dual  knob  tension mufflers on the tom and floor tom batter and resonant head
Factory dual spurs on the bass drum
Floor tom leg mounts, tom mount and cymbal L arm mount are the 1st generation
classic mounts all with original wing nuts and excellent threading
Factory White Marine pearl finish with some fade, tight seams and no gouging or rub marks
Large Classic lugs with Great chrome
Classic Bass drum T rods and claws also with nice chrome
The hoops are in great shape with only a few light pit spots as seen in the 13" tom close up pictures
Indexing Rail Mount
original tension rods and washers
The shells and edges are Factory and in excellent condition
The cymbal L arm is a modern replacement
The set looks fabulous and Sounds great!