Collectors Grade, Museum Piece
 Ludwig Stainless Steel drum set
The drums remain the same....WELL NEARLY!

Perhaps the finest remaining set and maybe your best shot at adding
 such a Rare Factory matched set to your collection or Unique voice to your sound palette?

These were sure hard to get good pictures of as they are ultra clean and highly reflective
Sizes of the set are superb for a stainless set!
9" x 13"
16" x 16"
16" x 18"
14" x 22"
Factory Matched Supraphonic Snare Drum
These are exceptional and in excellent condition!
There is nothing quite like finding a stack of 70's era cases in mint shape and discovering there
 is something inside! The cases, as often happens reflect the condition of whats inside and these clearly showed an
overall lack of travel or even use that these "home bound" drums have seen in their life time of service.
The drums are in spectacular condition from the exceptional stainless steel shells
& gleaming chrome plating, right down to the glossy factory lacquer on the bass drum hoops.
 The drums all feature
Stainless steel shells with flanged edges
Large Classic Lugs
Classic Tom & Floor tom leg mounts
Classic Bass drum t rods and claws
Ludwig Classic Legs
Small diameter Arc Spurs
Original Hoops including
 Factory Black Lacquer Bass drum Hoops with original inlay
Original tension rods and washers
13 16 18 and snare Have knob tension mufflers
Snare features P 85 Throw off, Butt Plate
The set is quite rare as it is equipped with the Ludwig Classic Gear ratchet Rail Mount
The serial numbers are
1610144 1621005 1636149 1636038 1704892
The Cases will also be included with the winning auction price!