1966 Ludwig Classic Drum set
 Downbeat configuration

1966 Ludwig Classic Drum set
 Downbeat configuration
sizes are 8 x 12 14 x 14 and 14 x 20
Factory  finished in Red Sparkle which is in excellent condition and vibrant!
Desirable 3 ply classic shells with white interiors and date stamps
This set is in excellent condition
Perfect  bearing edges
Chrome Plating is also in Great shape!
Each and every head is the original Factory issued head!

Standard hardware includes
Small classic Lugs on 12" tom
Large classic lugs on bass drum and floor tom
B Bat style mufflers on both toms
All tension rods washers and bass drum claws are original with great chrome!
The bass drum has fold out spurs,   a rail mount and cymbal L arm mount,
 all in excellent condition
The original legs were lost at some point and replaced with a set of mint condition
70's issue Genuine Ludwig Legs
The cymbal L arm is a new replacement as are the chrome over brass hoops
Bass drum hoops are complete with factory inlay and glossy original
 lacquer finish and a few touch up spots.
Uf you examine the high use parts close ups such as the rail mount, the rear of the 12" tom,
the spurs etc you can see this set obviously saw very little use in it's 40 plus years
as all the components are near mint!