Early Blue Olive Badge Black Oyster Pearl Drum set
14" x 26" BASS DRUM
1970's Vintage 3 ply Maple Shells
included sizes are
 8 x 12"
9" x 13"
10" x 14"
16" x 16"
16" x 18"
14" x 26"
This set has had only two pro owners and was used exclusively for recording
It is a great set for a wide array of applications

This set originally came as a twin tom set and the
Classic Double tom post is included
 1 tom and floor tom  were added by the first owner shortly after getting the set
The drums are in great condition and sound enormous but with a very controlled nature
This  14 16 18 26 configuration with a rail mount would easily exceed
 $10,000 and in the Most Desired Color probably double that