Feb 14 1967 Ludwig Classic's
The Downbeat set
Keystone badge drums

sizes are 8" x 12"  14" x 14" & 14" x 20" Bass drum
Factory original Silver Sparkle Finish in very nice shape
The set is all original except for heads and cymbal L arm

The drums look great and have been well maintained, there is some light wear

with the most wear being a small spot of snare rub on the rear of the 12"
Hardware features include
B Bat mufflers on 12" & 14"
Classic Tom and FT leg mounts on 12" & 14"
Original FT legs and feet
Original hoops and tension rods
Bass drum hardware includes a very nice condition rail mount
Cymbal L arm mount, fold out spurs and mounts with spur retaining clips present
Original Bass drum hoops with inlay
drums have white interiors with date stamps