1960's Ludwig Classic Hollywood Outfit
Factory issued RED SPARKLE
Sizes are 8" x 12" & 9" x 13" toms
16" x 16" floor tom and 14" x 22" bass drum
Classic 3 ply shells

Very good chrome throughout the set
The Drums Feature
Classic Lugs,and mounts, B bat mufflers, original Fold out bass drum spurs and
original Floor tom legs & original Double tom mount is also included
The finish is in excellent shape without scratches and scuffs and it is very vivid and glossy
There are some odd lines in the finish on the 16" that you can see in the front facing floor tom picture
they are not scratches but marks within the finish laminate and hardly show.
 Original bearing edges and factory white interiors
The set even has its original front logo head!
The drums sound excellent and tune up very easy