Stunning Near Mint 1970 Ludwig Classic Hollywood Outfit

this in Factory issued. time capsule condition except for  new heads on the resonant side of the toms
Sizes are 8" x 12" 9" x 13" 16" x 16" and 14" x 22"
Classic lugs
 original tension rods and washers
Knob tension mufflers
Classic tom mounts
Classic floor tom leg mounts with factory legs
Fold out Bass drum spurs
Dual Tom Mount looks to have never been adjusted!
Check out the close up pictures of
the excellent condition, unworn fasteners!
These are the classic series 3 ply shells with natural maple interiors on all 4 drums
Bass hoops are mint with factory inlay and factory gloss black lacquer, again  be sure to check
out the close up detailed  pictures to see the glorious condition of the lacquer and finish
Also make not of the 1 very small pedal mark area on the rear hoop which reflects the lack of use this drum set has seen in its 30 plus years of existence
The drums are finished in their factory red sparkle finish which has no fade no scuff, nice tight
seams and a glowing gloss.
Blue Logo Ludwig Heads on all tom batters and bass drum Batter and resonant sides
Chrome is excellent  with the only sign of wear being on the bottom of the 13" tom hoop
All bearing edges are in top form and the drums tune wonderfully from thunderous classic
Ludwig tone to higher jazz and bop tuning ala Mr Blade these drums really are a joy to play and sound great!
This is not a restored or rebuilt set but 100% factory assembled drum set as it was manufactured in the early 1970's
The high gloss is not wax, polish or chemicals but the true condition of the finish laminate itself in all its glory
This is not only a Prime Ludwig Collectible but also a great investment grade musical instrument.

I was really hoping to make this one a " keeper " but a very rare opportunity today puts
me in a situation to reassess my own drums and offer up a few nice sets this week
 so be sure to check my other auctions as I will be listing a few rare Gretsch Ludwig and Sonor sets.