LUDWIG Pre serial Classic 4 piece

Here is a  100% original Ludwig Classic set in Museum Kiosk condition!
TRhis set is super clean and looks like it came from the factory yesterday!
All drums are outfitted with the original Ludwig heads and all but the snare drum heads have little to no signs of playing use or stick marks!
Chrome is excellent

Here are the specifications
Sizes are 9 x 13
16 x 16
14 x 22
5 x 14

The finish is The every popular Champagne sparkle and is in pristine unfaded condition
No scuffs scratches or other issues!
Hardware features include:
Large Classic lugs
Knob type mufflers
Chrome Over Brass Hoops
classic 3 ply shells with rings
Pre serial Keystone Badges
Fold out classic spurs
Ludwig Classic Floor tom legs
Classic Mounts for all tom, ft and bass drum fittings
Ultra clean Rail assembly on the bass drum
Original Bass hoops with glossy, original  lacquer and matching inlays
The snare drum even features the original wires and snare drum stand
The original cymbal L arm was MIA but the set will ship with a New Frank Devito Cymbal L arm
This is a great sounding set as well as being a classic collectible

Sets in this condition with matching snares do not turn up frequently so if you have been waiting for the right set for you this could be the one!