1920s Ludwig Brass Snare Drum

This is the finest example of this era I have seen in quite some time
Mirror like Nickel plating.
These drums were crafted with the same exact shell as the famous Black Beauty
5 x 14 2 piece Brass shell delivers intense sound and unlike many vintage pieces this one is a great playing instrument

Here are some details of this particular drum
8 Nickel plated Brass Tube Lugs in Excellent condition
16 Factory issued tension rods with washers in Excellent condition
16 Factory issued Hoop clips in Excellent condition
Single Flange Nickel over Brass hoops in Excellent condition
Bottom Calf skin and Snare cords are also Original but show some age
Top Calfskin is a later replacement.
The Throw off is the Early Pat Pending model and is also original and works as smooth as silk