1970 Ludwig Classic 3 piece
Gorgeous Black Diamond Pearl finish

Here is a great Ludwig Classic set
Very well maintained, exceptional example of this era of Ludwig drum production
 Sizes are
8 x 12
16 x 16
14 x 22
These are classic series with 3 ply  shells with interior rings and clear maple interiors
Edges are all in excellent Factory condition

Both toms feature the following factory issued components

Classic Lugs, small on to large on Bass drum
Knob Type Mufflers
Classic Mounts for ft legs and tom mount
Ludwig Rods
Blue Olive Badges
Factory BDP finish
Original hoops and new Remo heads

Bass drum Factory features include

Excellent rail mount
Original Bass Hoops with complete inlays
Large Classic lugs
Classic T rods and claws
Arc Bass drum spurs
Blue Olive badge
This drum is 100% original equipment including the Ludwig Issue heads

The finish and chrome are in great shape making this a beautiful looking, beautiful sounding drum set