1960s 3 piece set

Fabulous Find!
The original Burgundy Sparkle Finish is in Great condition,
very Glossy with no fade for a glorious
appearance specific to well maintained vintage drums
No scuffs, splits, rubs or seam issues

Chrome is all Gorgeous as well

Edges and shells are also excellent

This is a Classic series set and features 3 ply shells
with inner rings and White painted interiors

Full hardware outfit includes
All  Bass drum T's and claws
Original Tension rods
 Factory  B bat mufflers on tom and Floor tom
 Classic Legs mounts for FT , newer legs
Fold Out Bass drum Spurs
 Bass drum rail which is very clean and in top mechanical form
All wingnuts and mounting hardware screws are in top performing conditions

Bass hoops have complete inlays and Great Factory lacquer
Factory issued Bass drum cymbal L

The serial numbers are  as follows
16" 295403
22" 294424

Shell sizes  are 9"x13" 16"x16" and 14"x22"
Also Included is 1 NEW scissor lock Modern Cymbal L arm Replacement