Dig this! Ultimate American collectible!
Ceratinly no Catalog name on this one I have titled this " The Prodigy "
Early Building passion exemplified By Joseph Jr.
A Quality build with  the days top components
Rare Rare Rare!

There are fractures and splits in the WMP covering due to shrinkage(more pics to come) but no missing pearl.
Amazingly the snare finish is perfect!
The set is in remarkable condition otherwise.

Note the 1930's Radio king FT legs and Mounts! The legs still have the machining nub left on top!
1930's Ludwig T's and claws
1930's Ludwig single Flanged hoops and clips
Walberg & Auge mufflers on batter and resonant heads on both toms.
Internal mount Leedy muffler
Both toms had key clips and keys but only 1 remains on the smaller tom
Disapearing spurs are an odd mystery most likley an added addition
All Original calfs in exc condition Excepet newer heads on snare
Certainly a rare exotic and The Ultimate desirable Rogers  piece!