Gretsch 1960s Round Badge bebop set
Desirable 12 14 18 set
Features include
 Small Broadkaster lugs on the 12 and 14
Large Broadkaster Lugs on the Bass drum
Die cast hoops on the 12 and 14
Twin dual pad mufflers on the 12 and 14
Pratt felt Bass muffler
New Lacquered Maple bass hoops
Fresh Green sparkle finish
New Remo Heads
Walberg Gretsch Rail mount with extension arm
12 and 14 have excellent factory edges
The bass drum edges have been recut to perfect factory specification
The set sounds marvelous with great tuning intervals and a well balanced
sound amongst the 3 drums.
These sets are getting very hard to find and are usually sold quickly
so if you have been looking foir an 18 inch Bass drum Round Badge era
 set do not pass this chance by.