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New reproduction and replacement
Parts, Wood & Metal Hoops plus rods odds and much more
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New in stock:

 Green Sparkle, Purple Glass Glitter, & White Marine Pearl
Pre cut Snare drum Covering Material
 in sizes 5"x14"@  $20 each while supplies last

Full Size Gretsch Rail arm replacments allows for 500% better placement of your tom $25

Clearance: Maple shells and Hoops

18" Keller 10 Ply Maple Bass drum Hoops $24 ea
20" Keller 10 Ply Maple Bass drum Hoops $24 ea


- Slingerland 30's40's era RadioKing Double ended snare drum lugs complete VG+ $15 ea
- Slingerland 60's-70's Sm tom lugs VG $5ea VG+_EXC Like New $6ea
- Slingerland 60's Bass lugs VG +/ players $4-$5
- Slingerland 70's Bass lugs exc $6
-Slingerland Snare lugs VG $ 5ea
-Slingerland Radio King 40's era smalls for tom or snare Nickel plate intact no cracks, complete$7ea

Stands and Mounts Throws
- Slingerland Set O matic Single tom arm Full size model get it fast $75sold
- Slingerland 40's era 3-point throw off excellent and 100% complete $135 OUT
- Slingerland floor tom leg with mount VG+ $35s
- Slingerland  bass drum spurs with mounts VG+ $65 pair
-Slingerland 30's era 3-point throw off arm with fastener original components $55
-; Slingerland 30's era 2 pad muffler less knob VG $30
- Slingerland clip styl dble tom bd/post VG+ $65Sold
- Slingerland tom mufflers VG+ $26
- Slingerland 60's 70's Bass Spur mounts VG++ complete $45pr.
- Slingerland 60's bass
- Slingerland Epic bd pedal in exc cond $45 SOLD
- 60's Slingerland aluminum bd and tom plates $20
- 60's  Slingerland chrome bd and tom plates
- Slingerland 70's bd tom mountin plate VG+ $28
- Slingerland Chicago era Nickel logo washers $1 each
- Slingerland NOS 60's muffler knob $20
- Slingerland  Nickel plated cowbell posts OUT
- Slingerland 30's Hi hat clutch VG++ $35
- Slingerland Rapid throw exc cond  $65 out

Claws and T's:
- Slingerland 70's claws VG+ $5 each
- Slingerland 70's T VG+ $5 each
- Slingerland 50's 10" T some wear nickle plated $10
- Slingerland 60's claws VG+ $5 each
- Slingerland 30's-40's nickel plated claws VG+ $5 each
- Slingerland 30's-40's nickel plated T rods straight and clean  VG+ $5 each
-Slingerland  15 1/2" S stamped 40's T rods VG $8 ea
- Slingerland  15 1/2" as above but no logo $8 ea
- Slingerland  4 1/2" T rods Nickel plate VG $6 ea
-SlingerlandRadio king era Claws for toms snares floor toms EXC $7ea


- Niles silver and Blk oval exc $30
-Oval 50's red outline brass badge $30

Email for wood hoop/inlay inventory
- 14" Chrome on steel stick saver  8 hole VG++ $28
- 14" Chrome on steel stick saver 8 hole VG++ $30
- 14" Chrome on brass 8 hole  stick saver 8 hole VG++ $40
-14" Chrome on brass snare side 8 hole stick saver 8 hole VG++ $45
- 22" Slingerland Niles era hoop with chrome inlay VG+ $38

OUT of Stock
In Need of:
30's RK throw extension arm and fastener VG+
14" Engraved double flanged VG+


-** Leedy Blue Brass badge VG+ $25
- Blue 60's Sling leedy badge vg $25

-** Leedy Small tom Lugs 60's VG+ complete with inserts springs and fasteners $6ea
-;** Old single tension Nickle over brass claw/rod sets VG+ have 10 $35
- Leedy single tension Eyebolt lugs from the 30's N.O.B $ 3ea
- Leedy sn/tom lugs also from the 30's(Heavy casings) VG+ $8 ea
- Early Wood shell X type Box Lugs with inserts (narrow tapered rod type)
    Nickel and in great shape 8 for $75

Claws and T's
- Leedy Knobby Gold single tension T's  gd $8 ea
- Leedy Knobby Gold single post tube lugs vg $10ea
- Leedy Knobby gold Claws threaded and unthreaded available $6ea
- Leedy late 30's Nickel bass drum claws VG+ $4.50ea
-Leedy late 30's Nickel bass drum T rods VG $5ea
-Leedy single flange hoop clips VG $5ea OUT
-Leedy 14" single tension blade type rods  VG+ $6ea
- Leedy 8" snare Thumbscrew Nickle VG+ $8
- Leedy 10"snare Thumbscrew nickle VG++ $9
- Leedy 30's  Nickel plated sets T and claw $5

-Leedy  Engraved copper plated 14" Elite hoop VG+ clean plating at 95% $110
- Leedy 28" maple hoops w/out inlay $30 ea
- Leedy 28" Hardwhite superior in EXC cond $55


- Leedy Bull dog Nickel plated hoop mounted bd muffler VG+ $20
- Leedy hoop mounted cymbal suspender Nickle finish VG+ cond SOLD
- Leedy XL bass pedal VGcond $45
-Leedy left side 30's clip on spur $20
-Leedy Elkhart badge VG+ $SOLD
various tom arm mounting components leedy and L&L era

 In Need of:
Rods for 30's X lug Broadway  6"er these are the thinner non slotted type in nickel


- Ludwig 1920's-30's era hoop clips VG+ $ 8ea
- Ludwig 1920's artgold tube lugs for 5" drum  complete set
    of 8 with 8 of 16 rods  plating at 75% all threads are exc $145 sold
- Nickle over brass 1920's  Ludwig Lugs VG++ have 1 set of 12 $50
- Ludwig  Nickle over brass 1920's  Lugs VG++ have 1 set of 12 $50
                                                                (these are different than previous)
- Ludwig beaded  Imperial sn Lugs VG++cond $6ea
                                                    Players vg $4
- Ludwig Classic Lugs lg VG+  chrome $5ea
- Ludwig Classic sm lugs in chrome VG+ $5ea
- Ludwig Nickle  classic sn lugs VG+ $6ea
- Ludwig lg+sm classics in Nickle vg $4 ea Sold out Wanted
- Ludwig Imperial tom lugs VG++ $10ea
- Ludwig Club date Bass drum and floor tom lugs VG+ $9

Stands and hardware
- Ludwig Modular bass drum mounting assembly. VG+ condition Plastic T bolt
    version with all fasteners $32
- Ludwig Modular bass drum  triple hole  mounting platform all correct VG+ $45
- Ludwig Modular Single tom arm with Blk plastic tension bolt exc $35
- Ludwig B/O tag staight cymbal stand VG+ $65
- Ludwig B/O tag Double tom stand in Exc condition $110
- Ludwig Front Hoop mounted bass drum cleat complete with
    reversible spike/rubber feet $25

~ Ludwig model #1400 Flush base cymbal stand VG+ $80
- Exc condition Large Arc Spurs with Plastic t bolt version mounting brackets $68
- Ludwig 60's script logo Complete L rod consolette assembly VG+ $75
- Ludwig 60's 1st generation script logo Classic mount
              VG+ for tom/ft cymbal-L and spur mounts $30 ea
- Ludwig arc spur bass drum mounts VG+ $2o each .
- Ludwig Classic Fold out spurs VG $50 pr complete SOLD
- Ludwig 60's Red felt Bbat muffler complete with OEM fasteners $45 *OUT*
  Ludwig 60's white felt Bbat muffler complete with OEM fasteners $25OUT
- Ludwig Spur lock Hihat footboard $12
- Ludwig NOS spur lock pedal cleats $10 ea
- Ludwig 60's mufflers parts assorted inquire
- Ludwig Nickel consolette bar VG+ $25
- Ludwig B-Ball chrome bat handle exc $25
- Ludwig 70's era Chromne Muffler Knobe VG+ $12ea
- Ludwig Rail consolette bars VG+ not chewed up Chrome and Nickel $15 each
- Ludwig Modular tom mounting bracket exc cond $15sold
- Ludwig classic FT leg  mounts VG+ $16 ea
- Ludwig NOS  cleats for front bass hoop anchor $10
- Ludwig1980's ball style double tom post for BD $40

 Snare drum stuffs:
- Ludwig Modern Snare Butt for P85P80 type throws NEW $10
- Ludwig Piccolo snare drum throw off New $35
- Ludwig P85 throw off New $34
- Ludwig 60's Chrome Classic Throw off complete $55
- Ludwig 60's script logo butt ends EXC $25
- Ludwig 70's script logo butt ends VG+ $15

Claws And T's
-Ludwig Classic T's Chrome  VG $5ea
- Ludwig Classic Claws chrome VG+ $5ea
-Ludwig Classic  Nickle claws VG+ $4ea
- Ludwig Classic bd claws VG++ $5ea
-Ludwig+Ludwig Claws VG nickle $3 ea
-Ludwig Chrome Clubdate T's  VG $8 ea
-Ludwig+Ludwig 30's era Nickle bd claws $5 ea

-Ludwig Keystone badge $25
- Ludwig B/O badge  $25
- Ludwig 1930's White Oval Badge Very nice $45

Email for wood hoop/inlay inventory
- Ludwig 22" with solid white inlay exc $38
- Ludwig 24" Silver Sparkle  VG+ $45 SOLD
- Ludwig  W.F.L RARE ITEMS 13" NOB 5 hole hoop VG+ $60pr
- Leedy & Ludwig Flat band engraved 13" snare hoop set VG+ $50
- Ludwig 22"Wood cortex hoop inlay $20
- Ludwig 15" 8 hole chrome batter hoop vg $20
- Ludwig 15" snare side  triple flanged hoop vg $30
- Ludwig 16" NOB 8 hole hoop vg cond $38
- Ludwig 18" Chrome  hole hoop vg cond $20

- Ludwig 20" WMP hoop w/inlay slight fade VG+ $25
- Ludwig 22" hoop w/o inlay $35
- Ludwig 22" Natural finish  hoop w/o inlay $38
- Ludwig 26" hoop w/oinlay $45

- Leedy & Ludwig Flat band engraved 13" snare hoop set VG+ $50

- Ludwig / WFL complete and exc cond Classic throw nickel $45
- WFL heavy duty ratchet style Clip on spurs $45 pr
- Ludwig / WFL Nickel plated P-83 ecx $50
- WFL dixie land / American swing model throw off MINT $100
- Ludwig / WFL 14" Chrome over Brass 14" 8 hole batter exc $60
- Ludwig / WFL 14" Chrome over Brass 14" 8 hole sn side exc $55
-**WFL chrome Clip on spurs exc $50
-** WFL foldaway bd spurs $25 pr SOLD
-WFL EXC cond stamped WFL BD claws $3 ea
- WFL Keystone Address Badge badge VG+ $20
In Need Of:
Ludwig + Ludwig Parallel batter side wires will take even a straight set of  wire ends
Ludwig Collar hooks 30's

- ** W+A Bass drum T's Chrome over Brass VG+ $5 ea
-50's W+A hoop mounted bell holder NOS $25
- 50'S W+A bass mounted telescoping cym stand VG+ $20
- 50's W+A Bass hoop mounted kick cymbal holder VG $12 SOLD

- Gretsch BD lugs VG $6
- Gretsch snare lugs VG-VG+ $7 each
- Gretsch  tom FT lugs VG+ $7ea

T's and Claws:
- Gretsch bd claws exc cond $6
- Gretsch T rods VG $7ea
- Gretsch T rods VG+ 50's era faucet style $7ea
-Gretsch 50's era Claws VG+ $6

Mounts  stands Throw offs etc.
Gretsch 1960's Floor tom leg excellent $36
Gretsch 60's era  L arm  cymbal mount for Bass drums VG+ $88 sold
-Gretsch 60's era  L arm bottom section for cymbal L $24 sold
-Gretsch 80's era  spur set with internal braces VG++ $75
-Gretsch Lightning throw off  $70
- Gretsch Late 60's Early 70's thick stye floor tom legs VG condition and Hard to find $25 ea
-Gretsch 80's era adjustable butt end exc $37sold
-Gretsch  4 point adjustable butt end for Microsensitives VG+ $48
- Gretsch  high quality Microsensitive arm repros, nicest made $25 ea
- Gretsch  Extended rail consolette arm allows for better positioning
   these are stainless steel repros and done quite well $32 ea
- Gretsch 40's Rail consolette spacers for full size rail set of 6 blk $35
- Gretsch 40's-50's Rocket Lug spacerts for bd 6 at $20
- Gretsch Single tom post w/clamp, L rod and memory locks ( not pictured)$125

Email for wood hoop/inlay inventory
-Gretsch 14" 8 hole 60's die cast Exc $75
- Gretsch 14" 8 hole snare side die cast exc $70
- Gretsch 15" 8 hole Vg $30
- Gretsch 16" 8 hole die cast $48sold
-Gretsch 12" % hole die cast VG $75
-Gretsch 18" 10 hole die cast $40

Stands and Mounts
-** Gretsch Chrome BD Spur with mount VG+ $45
- Gretsch felt strip muffler complete 22"  $25 MIA
-Gretsch 2 pad muffler in exc cond $30
- Gretsch Muffler control knobs  $15
- Gretsch  Nickel Plated spurs exc $30 pr r SOLD
In Need of:
Gretsch Micro sensitive throw
12" die cast Batter
14"stick chopperBatter and snare side no hook bends please.

Ultimate Sonor Site at the Unofficial Unrivaled Sonor Museum
- Sonor NOS Tom Mounting Prizm clamps with ratcheting black Handles $25 ea $40 pr
- Sonor Phonic/sig era Die Cast slotted Tuning Key exc $23
- Sonor Lite  BD claws VG $7 ea
- Sonor Lite  BD LN T's $7 ea
- Sonor Phonic cymbal tilter top section only VG+ $24
- Sonor Prizm clamps floor tom leg mounts $35ea
- Sonor Phonic/Signature tom lugs Standard $6ea Snap Lok $7 ea
- Sonor Flat slotted Tuning Keys New $13ea
- Sonor Speed Keys EXC $20 ea OUT
- Sonor 14" 10 snare side hoop $40
- Sonor 14" 8 hole ferro steel snare batter side hoop VG+ $30sold
- Sonor 18" 9 hole phonic era hoop $35
- Sonor  early Phonic dble tom post for stand (narrow pole version) post only VG+ condition $50

In need of:
 Protec hardware straight or Boom cymbal stands

Also see    RogersDrums.comThe Complete Rogers Informational site Thanks Gene!!!
- Rogers Cleveland era snare drum lugs VG+ $8ea
-Rogers Cleveland era bd lugs VG+ $6 OUT
- Rogers sm beavertails Cleveland era vg+ $7 each
- Rogers single tension  castings exc $2 ea
- Rogers B&B tom lugs LG + SM average to slight cracks  $4-$5
- Rogers B&B Large No Cracks $18 each
- Rogers B&B small tom No Cracks $18 each
-Rogers B&B (pre ridged) snare Lugs minor fractures tensionable $12.50ea
-Rogers Oversized snare Lugs Beavertail casings only vg 8 for $25
- Rogers B&B snare lugs No Cracks $25each
- Rogers B&B snare lugs minor fractures $16 each

Claws and T's
-**  Rogers Cleveland Era T's and Claws $10 per set VG+
-Rogers set of 12-2" rods VG+ $25
- Rogers  T's for single tension drum exc $5 each
  Rogers 60's era claws exc cond $out
-Rogers Dayton Fulletron T'& claw sets $8 each

Stands and hardware:
 Rogers  Hex Floor tom legs Exc $25 ea
 Rogers  hex full sized  swivo matic tom arm missing 2 screws (threads A+) but VG+ $78
Rogers  hex  swivo matic short tilter Exc $68sold
Rogers  hex  swivo matic long style tilter Exc $75sold
Rogers Stick tray VG $25sold
Rogers hex L arm for stick tray, cowbells with 45%knuckle less set screws $35
 Rogers double tom arm (just 1 short single) VG+ $25 needs new screws
- Rogers Cleveland era muffler assembly complete with all fasteners $32ea
- Rogers swivo pedal rod connector/ pivot chrome VG+ $20
- Rogers Swivo bass pedal spring assembly complete $20
- Rogers heel plate screws $10 each
- Rogers NOS Hi-hat seats Part#610383 factory fresh $20ea
- Rogers part 60-9211-052 Swivo Pedal T bolt for hoop clamp NOS $15 ea
- Rogers part 61 0916 connecting rod for Swivomatic 7007
    solid footboard pedals NOS $15


-Rogers Cleveland era  Clockface strainer EXC  $ 85
- Rogers part 60-6532-049  Powertone Snare drum throw off VG with OEM fasteners $55
- Rogers Butt end VG $25

- Rogers  Cleveland era Machined Knobby mounts  VG+-$45
- Rogers  Cleveland era Machined tom and Bass drum mounts mounts  VG+-$40 ea
- Rogers  ORIGINAL machined collet nose exc like new cond $32
- Rogers Diecast Knobby Mounts VG+ $28

-Rogers 20" Bass hoop Red Onyx Inlay $60
-Rogers 20" Bass hoop Gold Glass $50
-Rogers 20" Red Ripple 1/2" of inlay is replacement material $35
-Rogers 12" chrome nice $29
-Rogers 13" Chrome vg $20
-Rogers 14" 8 hole batter side hoop cleve Tall $78
-Rogers 14" 8 hole snare side hoop Tall  $75
-Rogers 16" Tall Boy hoop VG+ $55
n Need of:
Rogers Dynasonic snare wires
Rogers hex  cymbal arm + tilters

George Stone
- Single tension claw & rod assemblies $10 ea


-** Old single tension Nickle over brass claw/rod sets VG+ have 10 $35

-Chrome plated 10" 5 hole die cast hoop VG $10
-Revere sn throw in nickle $7

-Pearl TH series Full size tom arm New $15
-Pearl flip out throw off chrome VG $20
-Pearl 13" 8 hole batter hoop VG+ $20
- Pearl 13" 8 hole snare side VG $20 $30 for pair


- Tama Replacement L for omni ball tilter as new $8
-Tama 18" triple flanged ft hoop exc $25
-Tama Superstar Bass T's $4ea
-Tama Superstar Bass drum Claws Vg+ $5


Curved front rack tube and leg assembly(2) $75

- Premier Lokfast Straight cymbals stand all orig and Very nice $96
- Premier Lokfast Tri-Lock era wingnuts exc cond $10- ea
-Premier 60's Spur Mount VG++ $15
-Premier Bass claws 60's VG+ $4ea
- Premier Chrome Bass drum front hoop spur $25
  Premier NOS snare casings $5 each
-PremierLok-Fast Hi hat clutch 100% complete $25
-Premier 14" 24 strand parralell wires VG+ $35
-Premier 14" 12 stand wires VG++ $25
-  Premier Parallel adjustable but end VG+ $25
-1960's FlushBase Hihat w/smooth rubber 1 piece footboard w/clutch
  (die cast base version) VG+ $95
- Same Era Flush base Hihat w serated rubber footboard and pressed steel legs
    w/o clutch VG+ $75 SOLD
-Premier 14" Die cast 8 Hole hoop VG+ $35
-Premier 14" Die cast 8 hole snare side hoop $35

- Camco Bass drum lugs complete VG+ $10ea
- Oaklawn Ill. Camco Bass drum spur mounts exc $35
- Camco Bass drum T's VG $9 ea
- Camco tom rods with OEM "hefty" Washers $3.50ea
-Camco Floor tom Leg bracket $27 out
-Camcobass drum spur tom mounts $25ea
- Camco tom lugs complete with inserts & fasteners VG+ $10ea
- Camco Bass drum Claws VG++ $9 ea
- Camco floor  tom legs $25ea
-;Camco starp drive single pedal VG+ $50

- Drum Workshop Double cymbal stand w access clamp NEW $220
- Drum Workshop Double tom stand w access clamp NEW $140
- DW well pre DW CollarLock rack memory locks many sizes $8-$10
- DW CollarLock Rack clamps Many sizes $20-$35
- DW  bass drum Claws Exc $5

LP Everything Rack 6 station rack with mounting clamps rods etc exc $60
LP Pro series bongo stand VG+ $65

•  LP Chrome Mount all clamp with straight rod $15  Like New SOLD

•LP triangle set 3 in total Exc $25
•LP  salsa Bell EXC $20
 LP Chrome MountAll cowbell clamp with angled rod $15 like new

VARIOUS SUPER SYSTEM RACK components now in stock email
-Yamaha chain drive Cocktail pedal VG+ $65
-Yamaha tom arms  exc $25 ea
-Yamaha 18" NOS ft hoops 1 pr $40
- Yamaha single braced snare stand $45
-Yamaha 14" 10 hole extended gate snare side hoop VG+ $15
-Yamaha Double tom stand with 2 arms VG+$75


Drum Frame total Rack system.
Frame includes
full 2 sided pedestal
4 vericle uprights
3 cross bars
1 Gibraltar Cycle style seat with back and angle tilter
1 Bass drum carrier complete  and a second attachment for double bass set ups (though not complete )
1 Hihat attachment post with multiclamp
1 Snare Basket adjuster with dual clamps
1 Center double rack joint/clamp
3 single Rack joint/clamps
3 Leg spurs
11 accessory clamps
Snap in allen key for pedestal fasteners, all others are drum key operated
This unit dramatically decreases the footprint of larger kits and especially in the case of these Sonors, cut a considerable amount of weight as well
Set up is quite similar in ideology and time as a standard rack configuration but with a more ergonomical feel. This is a like New display model.
Current List is upwards of $1500 asking $875 SOLD
Hoops die cast & Triple flanged
size    holes    Die cast    Triple flanged          Plating options
6"         4           NA                      $12.50 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
8"         4           NA                      $13.50 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
10"         6          $59                     $14.50 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
12"         6          $65                     $15.50 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
13"         6          NA                      $17.00 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
13"         8          $46                     $18.00 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
14"         8          $50                     $18.00 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
14"        10         $55                     $21.00 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
15"         8          NA                      $18.00 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
16"         8        NA                       $18.75 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass
18"         8         NA                       $21.00 Chrome                 + $2 for Black or Brass


Keller Maple hoops

 8 ply wood hoops for 16" floor tom conversions $25 each
 10 ply 20" Gretsch reproductions with inlay channel $40 each
 10 ply 20"  Ludwig  reproductions with inlay channel $33 each
 10 ply 20" Rogers  reproductions with inlay channel $33 each
 10 ply 20" Rogers  reproductions with inlay channel $33 each
 10 ply Maple 20"  hoops Natural $30

Great New Offering
Natural ready to finish Maple Hoop upgrade for 3 toms
your choice 10 12 and 14 or 10 12 16 combos available

Starting at $120 for all 6 hoops to convert your current set
Hoop finishing and Claws are also available OUT OF STOCK

Bass Drum Parts
Bass drum drum riser for 18" and 16" bass drums $36

Heavy duty Die cast claws Chrome $3.25 Black or gold $3.50
Pearl style claws Chrome $2.50
Butterfly style vintage looking claws $2.25
Bass drum Inlays in many many color options $15-$30 per pair

Bass drum spurs
Tama style disappearing spur set mounts and spurs $42
Leedy style Clip On Bass drum spurs $40
Telescoping swivel pearl style spurs $45

Snare Drum Parts
Nickel drum works throw off with butt end $62
Heavy die cast box style (Pearl Tama) throw $29+ $1 for Brass or Black plating
Die cast butt end with drum key operated screws holes are at 2 7/16"apart
                    $6 +$1  for Brass or Black plating
Die Cast Butt (Rogers style) holes aee at 1 3/4" apart
                    $7+$1  for Brass or Black plating

Gretsch Reproduction Parts

Micro sensitive throw off arms $15
Rail extension arm $26
Butt ends 1950's era single point Inquire as to availability 2 varieties available

Keller Maple shells
A few overstocks
8ply Maple 6.5"x14" $34
8ply Maple 5"x14" $32
6 ply maple 4"x14"  ask
18" bass shells in various depths now in stock
 6 ply 14"x18" $75
           16"x18" $80
            18"x18" $99

8 ply 14"x18"$87
         16"x18" $99
Many other sizes available

Bearing Edge work is also available through Repercussions Inquire

All sizes available



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