Ultra Hip Ultra lite~!
Gretsch Bop set featuring 6 ply shells
Fully restored and ready to go
  12"  1 4"  16" Bass drum!
Features include
8" x 12" tom, Original Gretsch 6 ply shell
14" x 14" floor tom Original  Gretsch 6 ply shell
14" x 16" Bass Original Gretsch 6 ply shell
 New Delmar Silver sparkle sparkle finish
 Both the  12" tom and 14" floor tom include Gretsch tom and floor tom leg mounts
 in excellent condition,  Dual twin pad mufflers, small Broadkaster lugs, Die Cast Hoops,
 Stop Sign badges, and new floor tom legs
The bass drum features an excellent condition Rail Mount, Gretsch disappearing spurs
Matching 10 ply maple Bass drum hoops with Black Lacquer finish and

Silver sparkle inlays.
  The finish and Chrome plating are Excellent!