Vintage Rarity
As of this listing this is one of two known sets in this finish from this early era of
 Stop sign Badge drum production.
The other set is a 12 13 16 20 set up owned by a
fellow collector and ebayer: )
There have been a few snares spotted on ebay over the years but none
the less it is different to say the least

This factory matched set has many unique features starting with the finish color
A white oyster or silk type finish originated by European makers and used first I believe by Sonor
The finish was adopted by Gretsch in the 70's but not cataloged as an
official color until the post 2000 rebirth of the mighty Gretsch company
when a Vinyard Series snare was cataloged in this finish.
The set consists of all   Japser shells with factory edges
Hardware features include
<> 9"x13" Tom
Hardware includes
  4943 Diamond Plate mount
2  5540 Twin Head tone controls
New Die Cast hoops
  5473 Gretsch Lugs
Edges Shell and finish are perfect
Original Tension rods and washers

16"x16"  Floor tom
Hardware includes
  4820 Diamond Plate Floor tom leg mounts
  4930 Floor tom legs First generation wide knuled upgraded floor tom legs
2  5540 Twin Head tone controls
Die Cast hoops
# 5474 Gretsch Lugs
Edges Shell and finish are perfect
NEW REMO heads
Original Gretsch Heads

  14"x20" Bass drum
   4805 UPGRADED PRE MIC STAND STYLE WIDE Bass drum Cymbal L arm
   4820 Diamond Plate Floor tom cymbal L arm mount
  5474 Gretsch Lugs
5462 Wood Hoop Claws
  5454 Bass drum T rods
tom holder as seen on this set

  The Bass drum hoops are new replacement with Chrome inlay
Thanks to the good folks at Gretsch I was provided with enough material to replace the inlays
However they also informed me that the early 1970 version of this material had a blue tint
 and that the new white material may not match well, they were correct but I
will include the material and you can make your own decision
The chrome does looking dashing!

  5430 Pratt bass drum Muffler
  4960 Bass drum spurs
  Gretsch Remo logo head