GRETSCH 1950's 3 ply drum set
Complete 4 piece includes a
 24" bass drum and matching 6 1/2"x 14" snare drum!


This is a fantastic piece of Gretsch history for anyone who ...well anyone!

<> Built in Brooklyn New York in the Great Jazz and Bop era which solidified " That Great Gretsch Sound "
This Piece has remained intact in remarkably well preserved condition.

This is by far one of the Rarer Gretsch offerings as not to many 3 ply 24" bass sets turn up

This drum set is 100% Gretsch components except for  Remo heads which seat easily all around and modern cymbal L arms
Even all of the tension rods original & washers are present

!!! GRETSCH !!!

Very very Low miles on this drum as it looks to have seen very little play time.
A great collectible musical instruments and an asset to you and your collection.

White Pearl Finish is in excellent condition with only a few light marks and two small plugged holes,
1 on each side of the bass badge that were capped with wmp material and are hard to spot

Classic Brooklyn Made 3 ply shells with clear maple interiors with
Factory Bearing edges in excellent condition
Chrome fittings are In Great shape

 9"x13" Tom
Hardware includes
# 4943 Diamond Plate mount
2  Knob tension tone controls
  COB Stick Chopper  hoops
# 5473 Gretsch Lugs
Edges Shell and finish are perfect

 16"x16"  Floor tom
Hardware includes
Gladstone Floor tom leg mounts
# 4930 Floor tom legs
2 Knob tension tone controls
COB Stick Chopper hoops
# 5474 Gretsch Lugs
Edges Shell and finish are perfect

 14"x24" Bass drum
3 # Modern cymbal L arms 2 long 1 short
  3# 4820 Diamond Plate Floor tom cymbal L arm mount
# 5474 Gretsch Lugs
# 5462 Wood Hoop Claws
# 5454 Bass drum T rods
# 4942 Bass drum Rail tom holder
# 5621 Bass drum hoops with matching inlay
# 5430  Pratt bass drum Muffler
# 4960 Bass drum spurs

The snare is a 6 1/2" x14" Model
Features include
Microsensitive throw
single point fast tension butt end
Knob tension Pad muffler
Factory edges in excellent condition
Die cast hoops with great chrome!

This is a Great set for any collection, studio or professional players drum armada
The sound is singularly 50's GRETSCH, warm and resonant and BIG