GRETSCH 1952 3 ply drum set
Complete 4 piece includes a
 24" bass drum and matching 6 1/2"x 14" snare drum!


This is a fantastic piece of Gretsch history for anyone who ...well anyone!

 Built in Brooklyn New York in the Great Jazz and Bop era which solidified " That Great Gretsch Sound "
This Piece has retained all its glory and is remarkably well preserved and in excellent condition!

This is by far one of the Rarer Gretsch offerings as not to many 3 ply 24" bass sets trun up
 and is easily one of the finest examples I know of.

This drum set is 100% Gretsch factory components except for new Remo heads which seat easily all around
Even all of the tension rods original Flat washers are present

The TOTAL condition of this drum set is incredible.

Very very Low miles on this drum as it looks to have seen very little play time.
A great collectible musical instruments and an asset to you and your collection.

Now lets remember this set is 55 years old yet....
Original Blue Glass Glitter Finish is in excellent condition with only a few light marks
Classic Brooklyn Made 3 ply shells with clear maple interiors with
Factory Bearing edges in excellent condition
Chrome fittings are also excellent

Here are the details of what is included

 9"x13" Tom
Hardware includes
# 4943 Diamond Plate mount
2  single pad tone controls
  COB Stick Chopper  hoops
# 5473 Gretsch Lugs
Edges Shell and finish are perfect

 16"x16"  Floor tom
Hardware includes
Gladstone Floor tom leg mounts
# 4930 Floor tom legs
2 Single pad tone controls
COB Stick Chopper hoops
# 5474 Gretsch Lugs
Edges Shell and finish are perfect

 14"x24" Bass drum
2 # 4805 Bass drum Cymbal L arm
2 # 4820 Diamond Plate Floor tom cymbal L arm mount
# 5474 Gretsch Lugs
# 5462 Wood Hoop Claws
# 5454 Bass drum T rods
# 4942 Bass drum Rail tom holder
# 5621 Bass drum hoops with matching inlay
# 5430 1dst edition hex knob Pratt bass drum Muffler
# 4960 Bass drum spurs

<>The snare is a 6 1/2" x14" Model
Features include
Microsensitive throw
single point fast tension butt end
Single Pad muffler
Factory edges in excellent condition
1st generation Die cast hoops with great chrome!

The rail Mount is the 1st generation Walberg and has excellent Chrome plating
The snare Badge grommet was loose when the drum came in so it was replaced with an orginal Gretsch Grommet
The original COB hoops and Die cast snare hoops are in great shape with nice chrome and a second
set of my own 2.3mm COB Stick Choppers are also included for the toms
Both Cymbal L arms work perfect and are not all chewed up and have gleaming chrome
The snare wires are the 60's gretsch Power Wire type and are genuine Gretsch parts  though the original should be narrower Responso wires and they must have been replaced at a later point
Floor tom legs have their orignal Rubber
Bass drum spurs were missing their rubber feet but have been replaced
This is a Great set for any collection, studio or professional players drum armada
The sound is singularly GRETSCH, warm and resonant