From My own personal Gretsch collection here is a Splendid  Example

Gretsch Name Band Model  " Microsensitive" Snare drum

1960's Gretsch Micro Sensitive Name Band Snare
Ultra Clean
Silver Glass Glitter finish

These fine 1960's era drums are getting hard to find in such nice condition

The drums Features as seen on the right include:
5472 Die Cast Lugs
5485 Die Cast Fully Flanged hoops
5380 Microsensitive throw off 
Works perfectly and has new arm 
which will not strip out
5540 DualPad muffler
Works perfect


Here is the 5381 Fast Tension Snare Bracket
This is the matching component for the 
Microsensitive throw off
The drum is also Equiped with
Gretsch Responso Wires
You may also note: The is one of the hard to find drums as it does seat Remo heads well
which is an impoirtant factor when selecting 
your vintage Gretsch!
Plus the Chrome is Very Clean!

Shell and edge condition are like new
Paper tag is present