Mid 1960's Gretsch Progressive Jazz Outfit
8" x 12", 14" x 14" & 14" x 20"

This set is all Original Gretsch components except for heads
The chrome plating is in spectacular condition just check out the close up pictures of the hardware.
Make note of the Walberg & Auge Rail mount, these mounts are normally rusted and heavily worn yet this mount is in excellent condition
with excellent condition fasteners and the tom plate only has a few tiny spots of pitting
The hoops are also exceptionally clean as are all of the original tension rods, bass drum T and claw sets,
even the floor tom legs  and cymbal L arm have very nice chrome!

Very Clean RED GLASS GLITTER finish is factory original and in excellent condition
with the only flaw being a tiny finsh chip on the bass drum as see in the close up below
As you can see in all the pictures it is so small that it is completely concealed once the bass head is on the drum
The bass drum hoops are also original  with some minor paint touch ups and the aged curled inlays have been replaced
 with genuine 60's era Red Glass Glitter stock
The original Bass head is quite aged and a new Gretsch logo will be included to be
 affixed to the resonant head of your choosing