Super Rare Gretsch Red Pearl set
Late Round Badge era

It is with great and sad reluctance that I am selling this prized Gretsch set
I have owned them all and must say here is one of the rarest of all Gretsch Finishes!
Produced in the Round Badge era these are more elusive than even the Green Pearl and far more rare than
Anniversary sparkle, Caddy Green or even Copper Nitron which can be found on a
somewhat regular basis throughout the Vintage drum market place at various shops.
There has been no other such set brought to public market in years

This set is Primo!
Gorgeous unfaded & excellent condition Red Pearl
Brilliant Chrome plating

This set is also very unique due to its sizes and configuration possibilities
Mounted Toms are 8 x 12 8 x 12
Floor toms 14 x 14 16 x16
Bass drum is 14 x 22
There are no mods or issues to or with any of the drums

Classic Gretsch features include
Die Cast hoops on all tom
Dual pad mufflers on all toms
Pratt Muffler on Bass drum
These are classic 6 ply shells with silver interiors and original factory I.D. tags
Bass drum features the 1st generation Double tom mount and expanded cleat spurs
Gretsch FT legs include proper sets 3 long 3 short and perfect mounts
All shell edges are in mint factory condition.
The drums seat Remo heads wonderfully and tune effortlessly
All tension rods, washers, Bass drum Ts and claws are all original and in top form
The only real sign of age on this set is some  surface corrosion on some of the FT legs
The Bass hoops are also original but feature replaced inlays
If you have been looking for a great investment Grade instrument look no further!
These drums are sure to please even the most avid of players as well as the ardent collectors.