GreTsch Progressive Jazz drum set
Factory Walnut 3 piece
Gorgeous condition

This is a very rare find indeed
Early 1970's Gretsch Progressive Jazz set
Astounding  Original finish!
No checking and only a few light set up marks
The Nitrocellulose Lacquer  very glossy and
is Glass like in appearance
Mirror like!

Great sizes
This is a Great sounding set
Edges and shells are in peak factory form
All original hardware includes
Rail Mount
Cymbal L arm
3 Floor tom legs
2 Factory issued bass drum spurs
All Lugs and diecast hoops & rods
4 2 pad mufflers on the 12" and 14"
Pratt Bass drum Muffler

The only real flaw on the entire set is a small stain in between
the lug and diamond plate on the rear of the ft as seen in the picture below
It looks like some tape or sticker adhesive

Just add Jive!

With the list of the current reissues of this True Classic approaching $5000
This offering is a great chance to get your hands on the genuine article.
In the end you'll have a better Instrument and Investment