1960's Gretsch Round Badge Complete 4 piece drum Set

8"x12" 16"x16" 14"x20" with Matching Snare drum

This set is 100% original except for New Remo Heads and Replaced Bass inlays

The set is also complete with all factory issued Hardware to include
Bass drum spurs
Floor tom legs
Bass drum Rail mount
Diamond Plate Tom mount
Dual pad mufflers on toms and snare batter side
Pratt Bass drum muffler
Cymbal L arm mount with L arm
Drums are outfitted With Gretsch Die Cast Hoops
Even all of the rods and snare wires are Gretsch issued
Extras include a Free Master V Key Vintage Rail and tuning key and Extended Rail Arm
The Snare drum is equipped with a perfect Microsensitive throw off
Fast tension adjustment bracket and key holder
All drums have silver interiors and Tags present

The Chrome is in Great shape throughout the set with a near mint Rail assembly!
Some light wear on the snare hoops
Bass hoop inlays were curled and darkened and have been replaced
with proper Glass Glitter replacements
Shells and edges are in original condition with no mods or extra holes
The only small issue is a small fracture in the covering material near the bottom seam
on the bass drum see picture #6 very very small but worth mention
as it is the only flaw to be found.
Seams are tight and flat and the finish is dazzling and highly glossy