1960's Jazz Drummers Dream Set
Gretsch Progressive Jazz set


1960's Gretsch Round Badge Drum set
Progressive Jazz Configuration
8"x12" 14"x14" 14"x20"
Very Clean Red Glass Glitter finish
Great Chrome!

Scuff free finish is in great shape with no issues
Chrome is also excellent and even  the rail assembly looks great
Finish is in great shape
Chrome is also excellent and even
the rail assembly looks great

 Even the Original Bass drum hoop lacquer has retained its high gloss sheen

Standard Features include the following
Authentic 3 piece kit has silver interior with tags
Includes All three factory issued legs
2 Factory issued bass drum spurs
All Lugs and diecast hoops
4 2 pad mufflers and lots of great sound
Shells and edges are great 
Factory issued Gretsch heads
 plus 1 Free Extended Rail arm 

The only flaw on the entire set is a very small 
chip on the seam of the 14" ft
Hardley worth mention but see the picture