Gretsch Progressive Jazz / Max Roach Model snare drum

Classic, Brooklyn Made 1950s Gretsch Superstructure shell in the 3 ply configuration
4 x 14 8 lug snare drum
Drum features include
Die cast hoops in round and in exc cond with only light wear
 Grestch Power responso Wires
 Micro Sensitive Snare Strainer
 Single post Fast Tension Snare Bracket
 Tone Control Dual Pad
 Tension rods with washers
 All Components are in top functioning condition
Edges and shell are in great shape
Finish has darkened some but is still very vibrant with a very nice gloss
Chrome is also very nice with some light pitting on the lugs
The throw off and butt end work excellent
These drums sound excellent with a very crisp and articulate nature
Bright brisk rimshots and cross sticking sounds