1960's Gretsch Progressive Jazz Drum Set

This set features the desirable sizes
8 x12 Mounted Tom
14 x 14 Floor Tom
14 x 20 Bass Drum
All original Gretsch Jasper Shells with factory edges
Chrome is Very Very clean!

Features include:
Dual, Twin pad mufflers on tom and floor tom
Pratt Muffler on Bass drum
New Bass drum hoops with  gloss lacquer and matching inlays
Rail mount, which is in Mint condition and excellent form
  Diamond Plate tom mount
 Diamond Plate floor tom leg mounts
Chrome plated Brass Gretsch bass drum T rods and claws
Grestch  Bass spurs
  Gretsch Die Cast Hoops
Grestch Logo bass drum Head
New Fully adjustable bass drum Cymbal L arm
New wobble proof welded stainless steel Rail extension Arm for ultimate
 tom placement ability and secure mounting
Tack badges on the 12 and 14 and vented badge on the 20 inch bass drum
Bass drum Hoops are New with fresh Black lacquer and matching inlays