1960's Gretsch Drum Set
Factory Matched complete set in the hipest of all Gretsch colors Burgundy Sparkle

Excellent Condition onlay a few drum heads away from 100% Factory issue

Here is the Breakdown on each piece of this set
20" Bass drum
model number 4249
 serial number 22658
# 4805 Bass drum Cymbal L arm
# 4820 Diamond Plate Floor tom cymbal L arm mount
# 5474 Gretsch Lugs
# 5462 Wood Hoop Claws
# 5454 Bass drum T rods
# 4942 Bass drum Rail tom holder
# 5621 Bass drum hoops with matching inlay
# 5430 Pratt bass drum Muffler
# 4960 Bass drum spurs

Edges Shell and finish are perfect except for one small rub spot shown below in the
6th bass drum closeup picture
There is a very small fracture in the finish laminate at the seam which has been stabilized and is secured
 The Bass hoop inlays are complete except for a small chip and have the only fade on the set as is typical
due to Gretsch Post Inlay paint practices of the era
The rear hoop does have some paint touch ups
original Front logo head is present but not mint by any means
All the Chrome is very nice as is the Unfaded burgundy sparkle Finish

The Snare Drum
14" Microsensitive model
Model 4157
Serial Number 44315
5 1/2"x14" Exclusive Gretsch Shell
 Die cast hoops in round 

Original Powere wires have one loose strand
Snap in Key Holder with Key
# 5380 Micro Sensitive Snare Strainer
# 5381 Fast Tension Snare Bracket
# 5540 Tone Control Dual Pad
# 5450 Tension rods with washers
 All Components are in top functioning condition
Finish is Flawless!
Top hoop and Micro throw have some pitting but the rest of the Chrome is superb
Edges and shell are in Excellent condition