The most desirable Jazz instrument of the percussive world

 The Gretsch 1960's 12 14 18 round badge bop set!

The sonic lineage of these drums  has been
the epitome of all that is jazz drumming sound for decades

The sizes are 8" x 12" tom 
14" x 14" floor tom

14" x 18" Bass Drum
excellent edges, die cast hoops, Round Badge's
  Dual twin pad mufflers on 12 & 14" and Pratt Muffler on Bass drum
 New Delmar Silver Sparkle finish and New Remo heads
 New 10 ply Maple Hoops with Matching Inlay
New Floot tom legs and Cymbal L arm
 The Chrome Plating throughout is also very nice

 With  collector grade 14" x  18" bass drum sets soaring over $10,000 and
being in such demand this is certainly a great chance to own one of the most sought
after drum sets in the world and experience for your self
That Great Gretsch Sound

At the bottom of the page are some recent examples
of other Repercussions Gretsch Restorations not included

3 Ply Bop Sets!

 at Omni studios, Nashville for Casey Driessen.
 Gold Sparkle Gretsch 60's 28" kick,13" rack,16" floor, 6 1/2 x 14 wood Leedy snare.

-Session at Blackbird Studios , Nashville for Martina McBride.
 Blue Sparkle Gretsch 24" 50"s 3ply  Kick, 13"Gretsch 6 ply rack, 16" Gretsch 6 ply floor,Keplinger 6 1/2 x 14 Stainless snare