Being quite well known as a Green drum collector I am very pleased to offer
this stunning Rare example of Green Sparkle on a classic Gretsch drum

This drum is 100% original except for 1 snare string and new Remo Heads
Given the sparse flake pattern of the Green sparkle which Gretsch used, the drums are often
faded out and yellowed. Not the case with this vivid unfaded drum.
Plus this is the very hard to find 6 1/2" x 14" Model
Features the Classic Gretsch Microsensitive throw off
1 point adjustanle " fast tension bracket" butt end
2 pad muffler and Early stick chopper die cast hoops
also included are the stock Gretsch Responso wires
Shell and edges are excellent
finish is MINT
Chrome shows some wear mostly on the top hoop
This is truely a once in a lifetime chance to add a Green Gretsch in this condition to your collection