Gretsch Round Badge Drum set with matching snare
Excellent set in Very Nice condition

 Original Red Sparkle finish is bright and vivid
Chrome plating is very nice throughout the set
The drums even have all their original tensions rods and if you look at the close-ups even
they have beautiful threads and great chrome!

All edges are in great shape and drums feature factory silver interiors
This is a transitional era set so there were no tags being placed in these drums
Note the carry over of the 50's style leg and cymbals mounts as well as the
single point butt end on the snare drum.

 The original owner added late 60's early 70's bass spurs for stability
The cymbal L arms are modern replacements
The drum sizes are 9" x 13" 16" x 16" 14" x 22" and  Micro sensitive snare drum.
All the standard gretsch features, die cast hoops, twin pad tom mufflers, Pratt bass drum muffler
disappearing bass drum spur mounts, Gretsch floor tom legs and mounts, working micro sensitive throw off,
Gretsch bass drum cymbal L arm mounts
All drums seat Remo heads and they sound fantastic
The only matters of note are 1. that at some point a center rail was added to the bass to allow for a twin
tom set up
This was later repaired and the holes were capped with red sparkle finish. see the close-ups
2. a very small 4" section of hoop inlay is missing on the bottom of the hoop
I will include a suitable patch
The 13" tom drums batter hoop shows some wear with a bit of chrome peel as shown in
the 13" drum close-up pictures below