Here is a Great Gretsch Drum
 " The other great brass drum"
100% original including heads and wires
Late RB era Gretsch Chrome Over Brass Snare drum

Features include
Lightning throw off operates proper with secure positioning
4 Point Adjustable Butt End operates smooth with no sticking
2 pad muffler
Die cast Hoops
Snap in Key holder with proper its Key
Original Gretsch heads need replacing
Original Gretsch Power Wires missing 4 strands, NOS sets are currently available

The drum is very very clean and looks to have been used for only a school year or so
No dents dings scratches rust tarnish or any other issues! only the slightest of pitting most noticed on the throw off handle in picture # 2.
The drum is ideal for the purist collector as it is 100% factory aside from the 4 missing snare wires, this includes every rod & washer and all components making this the perfect "example" to have in the collection.
These drum sound Great when set up with a Remo Coated Ambassador or even Emperor and are spectacular playing instruments as given the reliability of the Lightning throw off is a great working drum!

Great Collectors grade pieces don't turn up every day so don't miss this great chance

Here is a bit of additional information on the Lightning throw off transition period

For nearly 2 decades during the The Gretsch Microsensitive model 4160 Chrome over Brass snare
drum featured the finicky Microsensitive throw of ...They should have called this model the the Renown
but thankfully they had already used that name on an even more under designed throw off.
The microsensitive, while trendy in its time and a great Throw when kept in perfect order was fragile,
delicate and are and probably were often found broken.  Aside from the wear and alignment issue with the
Microsensitive its drive arm was a very weak casting and if the snare throw mechanism was not
operated properly often over stressed the weak link. Many are found with no arms and the sad part is
that the interior components are often damaged as well. Thankfully, at the later part of the round badge era Gretsch switched to the new Lightning throw off which still worked in conjunction with the 4 point
adjustable butt end which was also phased out a few years into the SSB era with the onset of the
fishtail design. The lightning throw has proven to span nearly 30 Plus years and is in use by Gretsch
to this day and the only real issues come from the loss of the snare cord pinch plate or
from guide pin damage from a fall or droping on the throw.