Early Drum Workshop Maple Custom Drumset
Elegant Red Purple Candy Lacquer
here is your chance to own a $6000 drum set for a whole lot less!
Edges and shells are in excellent condition
Chrome plating is brilliant
Issued on Genuine Rims mounts with DW tom Brackets
Factory finish is in good condition showing some light wear, there is no snare rub on the toms or any of that.
 The bass drum does have some light scratches on top and 1 touched up spot shown in the close ups
New Evans batter heads on all toms and original DW resonant heads all around
Sold as a shell pack only stands are not included
Sizes are
8" x 8" #0870079
9" x 10" #080080
10" x 12" #080081
12" x 14" #080083
14" x 16" #080085
18" x 22" #080323