Spectacular Vintage Gretsch Walnut Lacquer Drum set
Ominous and Gorgeous

Here is yet another great chance to add a Rare Collectible to your Gretsch Collection
Factory matched, drop G,  stop sign badge set.
These were only produced for one year!
It would seem however that the majority of  that years production still used up the old standard badges as most
factory issued sets out in circulatrion feature mixed badges in some odd array.
Thankfully this set features all four original Drop G logo badges
The drum set is in excellent condition as is evident by the many detailed pictures
The Lacquer is in excellent condition representing a life on little to no use.
The Chrome is excellent as well, See the close up pictures, even the floor tom leg knurling
 and the tension rod threads are still brilliantly plated.
The drums all have excellent quality, original bearing edges, factory silver interiors and paper tags.
The set still has all its original Gretsch Permatone batter heads!
The Bass does feature 1 Brand new Genuine Gretsch Walnut Lacquer hoop
Sizes are 9" x 13" tom 10 x 14" tom 16" x 18" floor tom 14" x 24" bass drum

Just take a look.... and yes it does sound every bit as good as it looks!
Sets like this are getting harder and harder to find so get your bid in on this one